SKY Bar & Restaurant


Sky Bar & Restaurant is located on the rooftop. Suvarnabhumi accommodation with spacious, Ville. The restaurant is decorated in the style loft. Zoning areas with elevated descending order. Each zone will have a unique Specifically tailored for each style This is either seat dining table. Good for Dinner Couples privately A sofa is perfect for dining with family gatherings and chairs glow. For drinks chill. Mount with a thousand friends freely. Or you can sit at the bar, sipping a cocktail, which We have provided the idea as well. The shop has a selection Everything for you Enjoy a variety of foods. Both Thailand and internationally Blend with live music Which also featured one Not to mention I do not have a crystal tower is surrounded by water. Decorative glass blocks designed crystal. Ambient light surrounding a chic color change. Along with the scenic beauty of the airport, a panoramic 180-degree views.

It is recommended for those who prefer a stylish new restaurant. Like where to eat and enjoy the view on the deck overlooking the plane up and down, should not miss a visit to the Sky Bar & Restaurant.

Open - Closed: Open daily 18:00 to 01:00 hrs.
To apply for the membership card and privilegesThose who subscribe to Sky Bar restaurants.

Please contact Membership At the Sky Bar restaurants Or tel. 098-268-1818